Online Registration

Get yourself a state of the art online registration process created within 72 hours*.

What You Get Along with the Online Registration System

  • Parked Reports: Real-time reports parked for your convenience accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Online Payment Gateway**: A safe online payment gateway that can be integrated to the online registration system. The payment gateway can accept INR or Dollar payments***.
  • Automated Email System: Automated Invites and Reminders to your delegates.
  • Delegate Tracking: Track who has paid and who hasn’t and set the system to send them reminders automatically.

Additional Benefits That You Can Choose From

  • Appointment Scheduler:  Have your delegates and speakers schedule appointments with each other, based on available time slots. An automated email is shot out to confirm appointments.
  • Mobile Phone App:  Get your entire registration system integrated into one single and easy to use mobile app. The app can send automated reminders, give delegates information on speakers, exhibitors and appointments scheduled.
  • On Arrival App: Have you ever wondered how you could easily track how many people attended? How many sessions were the most popular? The CVENT on arrival app makes this easy, you can track how many delegates have been checked in, how many delegates have attended what session. Instant information anytime anywhere.

Experience the prowess that Indiattitude brings to the table. Enhance the experience of your delegate. Go Online. Contact Us. Today.


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